wind turbines

Wind Energy

We are depleting our supplies of natural gas, oil, coal and other natural energy resources.  It is becoming increasingly important to identify cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy. Fortunately the Earth has many sustainable and natural sources of energy which can be used as alternative sources of energy. One viable source is wind energy.  This process uses the power of the wind to produce electricity.  Wind power is an unlimited natural resource which is clean and infinitely sustainable.

The application of wind power as a source of energy is not new. Explorers and sailors have long relied on the wind to propel their ships forward. Before there were mechanical engines to power ships, the wind was a valuable resource. Today, most ships come equipped with an engine but many still use large canvas sails to harness the power from ocean winds.

New technologies now allow for the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy. This is done with the usage of wind turbines which are huge metal structures equipped with long blades. When the wind blows, it moves the blades which in turn generate electricity via an internal generator. More countries are realizing the value of wind power and building wind farms.  These are large collections of wind turbines optimized to capture wind and produce large amounts of electricity.

The disadvantage of a wind farm is that it requires a large area of land where the wind is constantly blowing.  High places, like the top of hills or mountains, can be good locations for wind farms. Other disadvantages include construction costs and the unappealing aesthetic nature of wind farms, often considered unsightly as they stand out from the natural surroundings.

The use of wind energy is growing rapidly and has gained a foothold in many countries. Denmark now produces more than a quarter of its entire electrical power directly from wind power. This is a great step towards the preservation of the environment as wind energy does not produce greenhouse gas or toxic emissions and is infinitely sustainable.