Alternative Energy

As we continually deplete our natural energy resources and pollute the environment the need is increasing to implement alternative energy systems. Fossil fuels are cheap which make it more difficult to justify the costs to migrate toward renewable energy methods. Gasoline is used throughout the world, with the number of car owners increasing daily. If we are to avoid the crippling of our transportation systems once fossil fuels have run dry, then we need to start implementing cleaner and sustainable sources of energy.

Scientists and researchers have found identified many sources of renewable energy. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some alternative energy sources like hydropower and wind power are already being utilized widely today. There are a growing number of countries which are switching to greener power generation methods. Some sources of alternative energy, E.g. geothermal and ocean power, may never take off as there are difficulties in harnessing these type of energy sources on commercial scales.

The three top alternative energy types are solar, wind, and hydropower. Many countries have already deployed facilities to harness energy from these sources. Solar power generation plants, wind farms, and hydroelectric dams are commonplace in many countries.

Three sources of alternative energy which have a difficult road ahead are geothermal, ocean, and hydrogen. So far an efficient and environmentally friendly process of producing Hydrogen on a large scale has not been discovered.  Current production of hydrogen involves burning organic compounds which pollute the environment.

Fortunately, the Earth has an abundant supply of alternative energy sources. These are renewable and clean, meaning they will not harm the environment. Methods for harnessing alternative energy are continually progressing as companies see these forms of energy as the future. Fossil fuels and nuclear power plants still produce more energy, but alternative energy is gaining ground.
As technology and innovation improve we can be hopeful that green energy sources will completely replace the current “dirty energy” generation methods in use around the world today.

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